Felderman Keatinge | 8i
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Project Details

8i is a virtual reality software company that provides the easiest way to create, mix and experience human holograms that look and feel as if they are in the same room.  8i is on a mission to give people the best way to connect with each other and express themselves through holograms; they are Dreamers and Thinkers  who are creating a new reality and altering our current perception of reality.

8i was built on a very tight budget, the majority of the cost went to  their (2) large Green Screen Studios.  Felderman Keatinge + Associates was left with $60/ft to design the remainder of the space.

The design layered existing materials with new – for instance new wood beams and existing steel and leaving exposed studs.  Installation of skylights exposed the old structure and the new. FKA used an ad hoc assemblage of materials creating a bold design.

The designed space is a disciplined and intentional layering of the past, present and future incorporating unaltered existing building components into the finished design.   FKA designed the space to allow the Client to imprint themselves over time with their avatars and holograms.

The Moonscape carpet by Mohawk was selected for its dreamlike quality and to pay homage to the company’s Buzz Aldrin App.

The Art in the space was created by reassembling images done by designer, Stanley Felderman – images of water on concrete, cracked glass, crackled paint, and a lunar landscape with a stop sign shows an improbable juxtaposition and the impact time has on things. These (6) digitized images were then printed on 18’ x 7’ acoustical panels providing sound absorption in the space. Corresponding images of weathered elements were taken by FKA, reassembled in a collage and then laminated onto conference tables.

8i’s space is a bridging of art and reality. xx