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8i is a virtual reality software company that provides the easiest way to create, mix and experience human holograms that look and feel as if they are in the same room.  8i is on a mission to give people the best way to connect with each other and express themselves…

Clique Media Group

Felderman Keatinge + Associates have designed the new offices of global media, marketing and consumer brands company Clique Media Group, located in Los Angeles, California. Clique Media Group, a media and commerce company that operates online lifestyle platforms such as MyDomaine, WhoWhatWear and Byrdie, hired architecture & interior design firm…


Oversee.net is a creative internet firm which reflects a youthful culture and brand. The firm’s objective was to move into the 43rd and 44th floors of a downtown high profile high rise and create a space that did not feel too corporate. With the exception of (6) principles, all employees…