Felderman Keatinge | FKA Office
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FKA Office

Project Details

Felderman Keatinge & Associates’ original Los Angeles headquarters had been a high-ceilinged warehouse in Santa Monica, a space whose open floors allowed the staff to mingle easily and whose sliding garage door gave them the freedom to work and eat outside. The firm’s new home, however, would be a little different, and a lot more glamorous: a class-A high-rise on the Avenue of the Stars in upscale Century City. Looking to make the space its own, the firm transformed it into an interactive environment with expansive views, giving it a casual studio-loft feeling that reflected founding principal Stanley Felderman’s urban roots in New York.

The new office’s classic studio layout facilitates staff interaction, with long tables that foster creative collaboration during the design process. Felderman’s personal office has no door, so that people know he’s always accessible. Nancy Keatinge’s office has a single sliding glass door. The raised conference room floor — surfaced in elegant walnut — goes right up to the window mullions, affording unobstructed sightlines to the city below, while over the conference table hangs an Ingo Maurer Zettle 5 chandelier along with vellum prints and sketches by Felderman himself.

Other artwork by Felderman enlivens the walls throughout the office, creating an engaging, colorful atmosphere that’s further accentuated by pigmented concrete floors. An extra layer of gypsum board on the building columns helps masks them, making the space feel even more airy and fluid, and the materials and text libraries are out in the open, encouraging the staff to use them and keep them up to date.

Altogether, the office imports much of the playfulness and ease of Felderman Keatinge & Associates’ old stomping grounds, while adding a new sense of cool and sophistication. Like all of Felderman Keatinge & Associates’ work, the firm’s own office is a unique environment that’s geared to reflect who its occupants are, not just where they happen to be.