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7_Art & Murals
Project Details

The clients, an accounting firm, brought Felderman Keatinge & Associates aboard to design a new corporate headquarters and help them analyze their space requirements and create a design standard that could make their new space their own. As a fairly low-key, conservative operation, that meant (for them) creating a functional and inviting atmosphere for staff and guests. But there was also the latent potential to do something more here, to take the project further, and the development process became an opportunity for Felderman Keatinge & Associates to teach the client about the possibilities afforded by contemporary design.

The goal, from Felderman Keatinge & Associates’ perspective, was to create a sense of community, and to let everyone get a chance to share the views and the abundant daylight—and to do all this within a fairly strict budget. Pursuing the theme of community, Felderman Keatinge & Associates designed the training facility, conference room, lunchrooms, and gathering spaces so that they connect fluidly with the rest of the building on the east and west sides. Visual privacy was not essential, so the designers could deploy large expanses of glass and expose to open up those views; but acoustic privacy was key, so Felderman Keatinge & Associates had to use laminated glass and make other provisions in order to dampen sound.

Adding even more visual interest, Felderman Keatinge & Associates was commissioned to create original artwork to enhance the interior: firm principal Stanley Felderman installed a 65-foot mural and other pieces, and the conference room tables were an original Felderman Keatinge & Associates design.

Response from the employees has exceeded expectations, and the client learned just how much design can do. They say their customers look at their company in a whole new way, and that business and employee morale have both taken a big jump.