Felderman Keatinge | MTV Networks
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MTV Networks

Project Details

Described by “The Wall Street Journal” as the “arbiter of hip”, MTV Networks, a mature, global corporation in the media-entertainment business, is in transition, as is its expanding audience, which is simultaneously growing younger and older.

Within the confines of a limited budget, the design team’s challenge was to create an ever-changing dynamic facility for the 450 professionals who live and work long hours within it; a “home away from home” was the staff’s request.

The design program for the new West Coast headquarters was to establish a sense of place and feeling of home; to connect to the seaside location; to create visibility on the highly-trafficked “entertainment corridor”; to design a “functional”, “fun” environment with a unique identity for each of the five floors; to speak to the evolving audience, and to establish a new identity and West Coast presence for the corporation with this first stand-alone building. The design provides insight into how the youth culture with a stake in the global marketplace thinks and works.