Felderman Keatinge | Terrada Residence
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Terrada Residence

Project Details

Single family house overlooking the Pacific Ocean on an upslope hill. The concept was to provide a second residence for a Japanese business man while doing business in Los Angeles. The house is designed so that wherever you are in the house you can enjoy the ocean views – from the master bedroom to the separate sleeping quarters for family.

There is a one story ordinance in the area, so by building into the hillside the designer was able to create a lower level for the family/guest quarters. Upon entering you are lead into a two story space that is all glass with a waterfall. As you walk up the stairs the view is revealed creating a sense of drama and spectacular ocean views.

From the street there is a sense of privacy but once inside the house there is lots of glass used to engage the views. The house has an open plan with few dividers between rooms again to engage the views.