Felderman Keatinge | Touch Club
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Touch Club

Project Details

A client’s desire to evoke the spirit of the elegant clubs of the 1930’s was the motivation for the design of the Touch Club in Beverly Hills, California.

A sense of luxury coupled with a desire to create an environment which encourages one to touch (as in “touch dancing”) and to interact comfortably were underlying criteria for a design solution in which a guest perceives himself or herself to be a participant in the overall club experience.  Even the treatment of lighting, viewed as being the tradition of the 1930’s, follows the concept of task ambient lighting with the resulting light levels very flattering and relaxing.

The Touch Club and restaurant consist of 9,100-sq. ft. on one level.  It has been featured in numerous international publications and has been seen on film and television. The original drawings of the Touch Club are part of the Whitney Museum of Art permanent collection.