Felderman Keatinge | Contract Magazine – Light Bright (Pillsbury)
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Contract Magazine – Light Bright (Pillsbury)

“We saw work that Felderman Keatinge did for another law firm, and it was quite innovative,” Brazer explains. “It was unique and contem­porary, but at the same time classic and timeless-it’s hard to accom­plish both. We were most impressed with their creative use of space.”

In this case, not only were they innovative in the way they utilized space, but the husband and wife design team also had to be flexible as a last minute change of locale for the office forced them to tweak their design scheme. Problems with the original building led the law firm to inhabit a landmark structure on Constellation  Boulevard, which presented a new set of challenges. Quickly changing gears, Felderman Keatinge adapted its designs to accommodate the curved walls of the Constellation  building.

“Our work is very site specific;’ says Nancy Keatinge, designer, president, and partner at Felderman Keatinge + Associates. “When we saw the new space, it was clear that it was important to create the right sight lines. Our client didn’t want the typical law office, and they stressed that they wanted a sense of openness with lots of light.”