Felderman Keatinge | Interior Design Magazine: Pour it On (iCrete)
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Interior Design Magazine: Pour it On (iCrete)

Consummate pros, Stanley Felderman and Nancy Keatinge typically jump right into a job: program, process, presentation. And a repeat client is the most straightforward of all. iCrete, however, was a different scenario. Despite the fact that Felderman Keatinge + Associates had already designed two offices for iCrete’s parent company, the Pacific Capital Group – in the same Los Angeles building, no less – the couple had plenty of convincing to do this time around. The buttoned-up approach suitable for investment banking wouldn’t cut it for a new architecture-related company launching a proprietary process.

Felderman Keatinge worked out a visual dynamic that steers clear both of the trappings of the financial world and of the scrappiness of  a start-up. “As the business evolves, the space is supposed to evolve,” Felderman says. The floor plan has an open center – you know, the kind that typically touted as fostering teamwork. That setup brings back to the program. The space, Keatinge explains, is a brainstorming think tank for the employees, not a showcase for product.